Stevig in de steigers

Are you coaching lower-educated employees? Discover ‘Stevig in de Steigers’: a playful and accessible tool that helps organisations coach their lower-educated employees.

In a fun and simple way, ‘Stevig in de Steigers’ supports internal coaches – such as foremen, team leaders, supervisors, HR staff, … – in coaching their employees. The tool creates a safe environment, in which lower-educated employees discover their strengths and weaknesses, so that they can develop an action plan to improve their skills.

The instrument guides coach and employee step-by-step through coaching process based on the a ‘GROW’ model. The employee always decides the pace and content of the process, so that his/her talents can grow on a solid foundation!

Watch the Dutch-language introduction video below to discover what ‘Stevig in de Steigers’ can do for your organisation. For more information, click on the side navigation on the left of this page.

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Stevig in de steigers

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