How does 'Stevig in de Steigers' work?

Internal coaches are supported in coaching their employees in a simple and enjoyable way. The employees discover their strengths and weaknesses in a safe environment, after which they develop an action plan to develop their skills independently.

‘Stevig in de Steigers’ is accessible to everyone – there are no specific requirements in terms of knowledge or language skills. The instrument is available in a physical version as well as in a digital version that can be used on a laptop or PC. This way, the tool can be used in every possible work setting.

‘Stevig in de Steigers’ consists of 3 phases. Each phase can be completed at a different time, and the duration of each phase is adjustable – so, it can be easily integrated into the work schedule. Every phase takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. An entire process (all 3 phases) takes about 3-8 weeks.

Watch the demo clip below to get a first impression of the instrument. Click on the side navigation (on the left-hand side of this page) for a more detailed description of each phase.

How does 'Stevig in de Steigers' work?

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