Phase 1

Who am I, and what are my abilities?

The goal of the first phase is twofold:

  • Because trust between coach and coachee is a basic requirement for a successful coaching relationship, the first objective of this phase is to build this trust. In a playful and ‘safe’ way, the employee is encouraged to share a few personal things about him or herself. Coach and coachee have a short conversation about the employee’s personality, motives and ambitions. In addition, they talk about how (s)he feels in the organisation and in his/her team.
  • The second objective is to stimulate self-reflection. This is achieved by mapping the employee’s abilities.

All of this is accomplished by asking the employee to:

  • Pick a character that represents his/her personality most accurately.
  • Choose a ‘motto’ that represents his/her way of life.
  • Pick a character on a team picture that best represents his/her place in the team.
  • Place his/her character on a picture of a firm to indicate how (s)he stands in relation to the company.
  • Sort a series of skills according to the degree to which (s)he has mastered these skills. The instrument includes a default set of 19 skills, which can optionally be replaced by the organisation’s own set of skills.

Time: Ideally, this phase is completed in 25-30 minutes.

Phase 1

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