Phase 2

Entering a challenge!

In the second phase, the well-known and widely-used GROW method is applied. The power of the GROW technique is that it provides a very clear and well-structured problem-solving process, through which you can achieve goals that you determine yourself.

In the first step of the GROW process, the employee chooses a skill (s)he would like to work on. This can be a skill that the coachee is struggling with, or it can also be a skill that the coachee already masters quite well and wants to improve even further. By means of a set of ‘question cards’ and a board that are included in the instrument, coach and coachee are supported to successively:

  1. Determine (as specifically as possible) the Goal that the employee wants to achieve
  2. Explore the employee’s current situation (Reality)
  3. Clarify the employee’s Obstacles
  4. Determine concrete actions (Way forward)






Both coach and coachee are guided step-by-step through this underlying process. In each step, the coach can use a set of questions. The answers are written down on Post-its, which brings structure to the coachee’s obstacles in a playful way. The agreed-upon actions are written down (in the physical version), or saved and/or printed (in the digital version).

Time: Ideally, this phase also takes about 25-30 minutes to complete.

Phase 2

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