Why 'Stevig in de steigers'

‘Stevig in de Steigers’ is designed to make coaching accessible to everyone. It enables supervisors, team leaders and foremen to coach their own employees themselves, including their lower-educated employees. In addition to all the positive effects of coaching, the use of internal coaches is not only more cost-effective, it also creates a true learning and coaching culture throughout the entire organisation.

Here are some advantages:


  • Discover their strong points and their opportunities for development, and then improve their skills
  • Independently develop their skills in the workplace
  • Feel heard and supported by the organisation: after all, their employer is ‘investing’ in them!

Supervisors and other internal coaches…

  • Develop their coaching skills
  • Have more knowledge of the skills and weaknesses of their employees
  • Are more aware of what is going on in the workplace

Why the name 'Stevig in de Steigers'?

The name ‘Stevig in de Steigers’ – literally, ‘Solid (or strong) in the Scaffolding’ – refers to the ‘construction’ theme, in which every employee is working on improving (‘building’) him or herself.

During the coaching process, every employee creates a character that symbolises him or herself. Personal qualities and skills are assigned to this character, which creates a space for improving oneself in the workplace. By doing this with different people simultaneously, the whole team – and, eventually, the entire organisation – will go through a process of growth. Together, they build a well-functioning organisation, by starting with themselves.

Ultimately, this changes the organisational culture, as the instrument introduces a solid basis for a true learning culture. Indeed, ‘Stevig in de Steigers’ enables employees to explicitly address strengths and weaknesses and gives them the opportunity to improve their skills.

Why 'Stevig in de steigers'

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