What do Entrepreneurs Say?

At the Start of the Impulse Centre
  • “I want a structured way of sharing experiences among owner-managers...”
  • “We need a link between knowledge and practice...”
  • “I need to be on the frontline of new theories...”
  • “This is for me an academic (re)source”
  • “Give me one good idea in these years”
  • “It is so lonely at the top, on our own, I want to participate”
  • “Seems to be a good idea, let me be surprised”
  • “How did you get my name and address? This is an honour for me”
  • “You promised me two years ago that I could participate. This is just what I need”
After Several Years of Membership
  • “It’s useful to see our position compared with the others”
  • “There is a remarkable openness of all members... This spirit, atmosphere is important, I don’t find it anywhere else”
  • “Thank you for working on my case”
  • “This is a unique group with captains of industry, it gives me inspiration”
  • “I’ve learned to limit my mental agenda”
  • “I have the impression that - thanks to the experiences in the Impulse Centre - my company goes faster through the evolutions of growth”
  • “Tell these findings to our management team”
  • “I suggest that we don’t stop with this initiative after three years, there is enough material to work with the coming years...”
  • “Now I know what to do the coming time”
  • “It is surprising how theory and practice are matched”

Knowledge in Action

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