Customer Centricity

1. Watch Prof. Deva Rangarajan share his views on some of the problems that companies today face and a structured approach that could help companies gain sustainable competitive advantage.

2. The ability of an organization to deliver value to its customers depends on identifying key pain points in the customers routine activities. In this video, Prof. Deva Rangarajan elucidates a technique that is used to identify those pain points is discussed.

3. While most organizations do a good job of creating value to their customers, only the better ones do a great job of communicating the additional value they bring to the customer. In this video, Prof. Deva Rangarajan talks about the building blocks of a successful value proposition/unique selling proposition.

4. In this video, Prof. Deva Rangarajan elaborates on the Gaps model of Service quality as put forth by Prof. Zeithaml, Prof. Parasuram, and Prof. Berry and why it is critical to deliver on the promises made to the customer.

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Customer Centricity

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