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When Should a Firm Consider a CRM Strategy 

A key finding from research that we have conducted with buyers from B2B companies, stresses the increasingly proactive role played by those buyers. They are not only increasingly engaging their suppliers for product and sales related questions, but are also voicing their frustrations and/or problems with them via social media. Customers are becoming more demanding, which makes it very hard for the supplier to fulfill all their needs. (Click to read When Should a Firm Consider a CRM Strategy)

CRM: What it is and what it is not

As the term indicates, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) should be about the customer and a firm manages its relationship with this customer through various touchpoints (sales, marketing collaterals, service touchpoints). Its aim should be to deliver a fantastic, seamless customer experience. (Click to read CRM: What it is and what it is not)

About the blog

During our professional career, all of our customers struggled with the same question: How can we implement a CRM strategy while leveraging a CRM tool. During a course at Vlerick, Prof. Deva Rangarajan was presenting some interesting findings on the subject and we quickly noticed we wanted to share our academic and practical experiences with a broader audience. We only had one question: How to implement a CRM strategy? (Click to read About the blog)  

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