Centre for Excellence in Supply Chain Management

Why this Centre for Excellence in Supply Chain Management?

Being an academic business school, we value research that contributes to fundamental academic knowledge, as well as practice-based research that draws upon the findings of core academic knowledge. In doing so, we gain new insights in the field of supply chain management and develop tools that can be applied in a real business environment.

Objectives of the Centre for Excellence in Supply Chain Management

Chair companies and prime foundation partners join forces with us in practice-based research projects. The topics for these “research for business” projects are selected in close contact with our partner companies. This ensures that we study supply chain topics that are of interest to our partners. The ultimate goal of the research projects is to develop best practices and share experiences.

The outcome of the research is typically two-fold: on the one hand, the research results are published in academic journals and presented at academic conferences. On the other hand, the research develops into a deliverable that appeals to the partner companies. This may be a decision making tool, a benchmark report, a discussion paper, a teaching case... which offers the partner new insights, yet at the same time gives the research some  visibility towards the outside world.

Expertise within the Centre for Excellence in Supply Chain Management 

  • Supply chain management
    • Supply chain awareness creation
    • Supply chain mapping
    • Supply chain strategies and structures
    • Supply chain management tools & concepts
    • Risk management in the supply chain
    • The role/function of the supply chain manager
    • Managing supplier/customer relationships
    • Supply chain performance measurements
    • Supply chain drivers and metrics
    • Designing the supply chain network
    • Managing cross-functional drivers in a supply chain (pricing, revenue management, …)
    • Advanced topics in supply chain management (IT, sustainability, global dual sourcing, …)
  • Continuous improvement
    • Lean Operations, Just-in-Time
    • Process thinking in manufacturing
    • Theory of Constraints and bottleneck management
  •  Decision sciences for supply chain management
    • Statistical inventory management
    • Optimization tools & techniques
    • Simulation tools & techniques
  • Planning and control
    • Manufacturing Resources Planning and Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
    • Just-in-Time as a planning tool and a manufacturing philosophy (JIT)
    • Planning demand and supply in a supply chain
    • Vendor Managed Inventory and Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment
  • Project management
    • Project planning, planning under uncertainty
    • Multi-project management, project selection and evaluation
    • Project organisation and project teams
    • Project performance measurement

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