Forecasting maturity assessment

Companies are under continuing pressure to strive year-over-year for increased results. The accuracy of forecasting is of crucial importance in this respect, since it can be translated in happy customers on the one hand and an efficient, cost-effective supply chain on the other hand.

But how good is your forecasting process? What are your strengths, what are your weaknesses, where can you improve? Participate now in the assessment and compare yourself with companies best in class. Maturity model

Participate in the assessment and find out:

  1. How does my company perform?
    You’ll receive a personalised report depicting your company's forecasting maturity. You can use this report as a discussion enabler and to outline a roadmap for your next steps in forecasting & demand planning.
  2. Do my colleagues think alike?
    Fill in the survey with multiple people from your company, and find out whether your colleagues from demand, sales, operations, and finance have the same perspective.
  3. How does my company benchmark with other companies?
    For every 3rd response, get a free ticket to Vlerick’s Supply Chain Network event on December 3rd, where benchmarking results will be discussed. This session will be complemented with a guest speaker and followed by a networking drink.

How does it work?

  1. The assessment survey takes about 15’. You will be presented with a list of best practices in forecasting, and asked to which extent these are present in your company.
  2. Around 3-6 relevant people is the number that we advise. When taking the survey with multiple persons, please make sure you all fill it out from the same perspective (company perspective, BU perspective, country perspective, product perspective, or other) in order to have comparable answers.

Participate now!

Interested in the bigger picture?

This maturity assessment is just one of the outcomes of the Vlerick Forecasting Research Centre. Interested in knowing more? Read more here or contact us.

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