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What is a Great Place to Work©?

Just imagine a perfect world, where your employees get up in the morning and look forward to going to work every day! Impossible you think? Not really if you take the time to think about what exactly makes a company a Great Place to Work©.

A Great Place to Work© is one in which you trust the people you work for, have pride in what you do and enjoy the people you work with.

The Great Place to Work® Institute, with as its official partner, Vlerick Business School is an international research, advice and training institute with a mission: to help companies to create and maintain great workplaces through the development of a corporate culture based on trust.

We have translated this philosophy into a scientific model which lies at the heart of a number of tools with which we can help your organisation.

Great Place to Work© Tools

We offer various tools to map and improve your HR policy. Going from a Trust Index© (employee survey) to a Culture Audit© (audit of the HR policy). These tools will give you an insight into the strengths and points of improvement of your company.

We also support you in the communication towards your people and guide you in developing your action plan. Every organisation can use our tools:

  • The Trust Index©: an employee survey that uncovers the experiences of an employee in relation to his workplace.
  • The Culture Audit©: a survey that maps out the work climate, HR policy and personnel practices within your organisation.
  • The Trust Audit©: a number of focus groups with employees in the organisation. The goal of these focus groups is to search for the deeper dynamics of employee (dis)satisfaction and engagement.

Long Term Engagement

We are committed to work with you in the long term to build a Great Place to Work©. We do this by drawing a path from where you will be guided step by step by one of the researchers of Vlerick Business School, so that you can work effectively with your results and the actions fit within your organisational culture and your current HR practices.

Best Workplaces

Best Workplaces Belgium 2013

Do you also want to benefit from a better employer brand? This is possible! Via the Great Place to Work® Institute you can participate in the competition of Best Workplaces. Formerly known under the name of Best Employer. The contest Best Workplaces is a recognition that puts the spotlight on organisations who attach great importance to their employees.

What does a participation mean? Thanks to the Trust Index© (an employee survey) and the Culture Audit© (a survey that maps out your HR climate) we can evaluate organisations. Unique in our approach is that the evaluation by the employees prevails. Two-thirds of the final score of the organisation is determined by the score of your organisation on the Trust Index©.

All profit and non-profit organisations from 50 employees can participate in Best Workplaces.

Visit our Best Workplaces website

Knowledge in Action

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