Great Place to Work® looks at organisations through two lenses. We research how employees experience trust, pride and camaraderie by means of the Trust Index© survey and we assess your organisation’s programs and practices using the Culture Audit© questionnaire. All organisations we work with use these tools to get more insight into their culture. What are the strengths on the one hand and the opportunities for improvement on the other? How can you prioritise and grow towards becoming an even better place to work? At Great Place to Work® we want to strengthen organisations that are great workplaces and have high-trust cultures. That is why we recognise them my means of a quality label.


Starting this year, we not only celebrate the Best Workplaces but we also certify organisations that reach the minimum level on both our research tools:

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<500 employees : minimum of 70% Trust Index© + 50% Culture Audit©
>500 employees : minimum of 70% Trust Index© + 50% Culture Audit©


Organisations that make the criteria mentioned above regarding the Trust Index© and the Culture Audit© are eligible for the Best Workplaces lists. Unique in our approach is that the evaluation by the employees prevails. Two-thirds of the final score of the organisation is determined by the score of your organisation on the Trust Index©. One-third goes to the assessment of the Culture Audit©.

In Belgium, we generate two lists:

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  • Small Workplaces : organisations with less than 500 employees
  • Large Workplaces : organisations with more than 500 employees

All profit and non-profit organisations from 50 employees can participate.


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