Centre for Negotiation Intelligence® and Dispute Resolution

Why the Vlerick Centre for Negotiation Intelligence® and Dispute Resolution?

  • Do you want your company to belong to the top of the negotiation maturity scale, who saw their net income increase with 42%, or to the bottom, who’s net income decreased with 63%?
  • Is getting everyone in your organisation on the same page a greater challenge than facing your worst competition?
  • Are never ending conflicts in your team or organisation preventing you from achieving your goals?
  • Are you, as a business partner, struggling to get your voice heard by decision makers in your organisation?
  • Are you frustrated about the current state of social relations in your organisation?
  • Have you had enough of the negative effects of litigation as a tool for resolving business-related disputes?
  • Are you concerned with unfavourable regulations catching up on you?

You are not alone. You and your management negotiate about 75% of your time, both internally and externally. You also deal with differences within the organisation about 38% of the time. Disputes with regulators, clients, service providers and other stakeholders take up even more management time with increased corporate risk, especially if these are left to the legal system to resolve.

Building Alliances & Allegiances to Accelerate Business Breakthroughs

Negotiation is a way to build relationships, alliances and allegiances; a way to lead and interact without using force; a way to translate diversity into innovation. The sum of your negotiation and conflict management efforts has severe bottom-line and top-line effects. Yet the numbers for conflict escalation and missed opportunities are on the rise, representing one of the few strategically unaddressed and underdeveloped critical business areas. This in spite of a multitude of studies that show that companies which are ‘negotiation and dispute proof’ grew since the last financial crisis, in strong contrast to those that merely dealt with their challenges ad hoc.

In Belgium, ineffective social relations provide a further headache for executives these days. Nationally, we seem to be stuck, with low levels of trust and high levels of conflict permeating many organisations. The old, adversarial model is no longer appropriate.

Why Join?

Together with you, we work towards a new collaboration culture and anchor NQ® within your organisation to equip you for the future.


  • Negotiation’s impact on top and bottom line: companies with a systematic negotiation strategy had a net income increase of 42%, while companies negotiating ad hoc had an income decrease of 63%, research shows. 
  • Addressing your negotiation & collaboration challenges helps you achieve business breakthroughs on all levels.
  • Opportunity to bring your organisation’s expert to relevant sessions. 
  • Negotiation is the one capability your company has most likely not optimised yet –an omission with high hidden costs. 
  • You work with a worldwide unique and patented tool for measuring negotiation capability.
  • You address concrete challenges and build capacities at the same time.

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