Three Tracks

To offer an answer to these conundrums the Vlerick Centre for Negotiation Intelligence® and Dispute Resolution was established, consisting of a general track on NQ® (Negotiation Intelligence®) and separate tracks on Social Relations and Dispute Resolution. Prof Dr Katia Tieleman, who leads the Negotiation Centre, together with colleague Prof Dr Barney Jordaan and Centre Manager Karolien Dekoster, focus on three core questions: (1) How can we strengthen companies in their structural and strategic negotiation capacity and strengthen the impact of the responsible teams dealing with these challenges?; (2) How can we work towards a new model for social relations, given the old models and recipes don’t work anymore?; (3) How can we make organisations more ‘conflict and dispute wise’.

Within our Negotiation Development Track we don’t stop at addressing your internal and external negotiation and conflict challenges. We also measure your and your team’s NQ®, thoroughly analysing your strengths and points of development so as to increase your, your team’s and your organisations’ Negotiation Intelligence®. You will get acquainted with the innovative concept of NQ® and will get the chance to receive your Personal and Team NQ® Reports and profiles through our exclusive NQ®-Scan, founded on the principles of the Harvard negotiation approach. We start with a zero measurement of your NQ® via the NQ®-Scan. From there, we identify areas for personal and team development to deal with your negotiation, social relations and conflict challenges more effectively. On this basis, together we will develop a new negotiation and dispute resolution path, adapted to your organisation. This includes the development of processes, tools, negotiation infrastructure and an appropriate negotiation and conflict culture.

Centre for Negotiation Intelligence & Dispute Resolution

Given the current, challenging Belgian context of social relations and on market demand, the Social Relations Track offers a new paradigm for social relations. Within this track we provide you with the NQ® tools to handle social relations in a whole new way. Additionally, together with you and your relevant stakeholders we will use international best practices to build a new model for your social relations. We will be your sounding board and facilitate exchange between the different members of the Centre. We also provide you with input on best practices and generate new ideas and solutions together with you. For this, we rely upon a Council of Wise, existing of opinion leaders with diverse backgrounds within social relations, such as authorities at trade union level, political heavy weights, media players and leaders in industry.

The Dispute Resolution Track focuses on developing effective organisational conflict and dispute resolution strategies and systems and supplying the knowledge and skills needed to turn conflicts into a corporate asset while ensuring that disputes that do arise are dealt with quickly and cost effectively.

Given the importance of this theme, we would like to weigh on the societal and political debate and search for a new model for social relations on the crossroads between employee wellbeing and union concerns on the one hand, and economic growth on the other. A new model in which, with the right mindset, strategies and skills, employee wellbeing, efficiency and engagement of employees aren’t seen as opposing interests but mutually relevant and compatible.

Further, we also strive to increase the outreach of dispute resolution within society. By building coalitions with partnering institutions and companies, and by liaising with relevant stakeholders such as (supra)governmental institutions, media players and political heavyweights, we advocate for an alternative next to litigation.

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Partners & Members

The Negotiation Centre determines the content of the various tracks in close consultation with its partners and members in order to ensure business relevance. Workshops provide a platform for knowledge exchange and networking and an opportunity to exchange ideas and current best practices; develop and test new tools, frameworks and approaches; and gain access to and participation in research and knowledge.
The Negotiation Centre is currently broadening its scope from Negotiation Intelligence® to also include the new Social Relations and Dispute Resolution Tracks. We welcome new Partners and Members, who want to stay at the forefront of developments and knowledge in these areas, to join us.

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Three Tracks

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