Gender and career transitions

This educational package aims to create awareness for gender discrimination in the workplace and suggests different initiatives we (as a person, an organisation or as a society) can undertake to overcome these challenges.

Gender and career transitions is based on a thorough literature review, interviews and scientific research. In the modular manual, we focus on the most important transitional phases in a career (entry, promotion, exit) and look at the specific obstacles Western women face in each of these transitions. The manual is anchored in the Flemish labour market with 3 teaching cases. Each case zooms in on one specific transitional phase in the career.

This educational package is useful for intermediaries who aim to enhance their services to organisations, but can also be used by organisations themselves. The package offers a comprehensive view on the gender career gap and gives concrete tips on bridging this gap.

Gender and Career transitions was made possible through ESF financing

And was created by Vlerick Management School, Ghent University and JUMP


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