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We connect, inspire and empower strategy executives

The Strategy in Action Platform is a community of strategy executives who get together to learn, be challenged, and co-create best practices on the topics that are most important to them.

Strategy executives are expected to take a leading role in helping their organisation meet the challenge of winning today – and, at the same time, be fit for a rapidly changing and uncertain future. There is no established playbook for that.

With this in mind, the Strategy in Action Platform is driven by the single goal of developing and sharing actionable insights to help members and partners devise and execute winning strategies in a world in constant flux.

Our offer

Our mission is to empower strategy executives by connecting them to the most rigorous, relevant, and actionable insights in order to shape and execute future-proof strategies.

We do that by orchestrating a trusted community of peers and strategy experts eager to learn, benchmark, and contribute to strategy knowledge and best practices.

This includes:

  • Hands-on workshops to harness and co-create best practices,
  • Inspiration sessions and roundtable discussions on key strategy issues,
  • Research updates,
  • Individual benchmarking opportunities.

To guarantee the continued relevance of the platform, every year the topics on the agenda are defined together with the partners and members.

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Research & Tools

The platform is fuelled by a strong research agenda covering topics such as:

  • Building strategic flexibility
  • Strategy implementation and change
  • Thriving through digital disruption
  • Strategic renewal and growth
  • Winning in different business environments
  • Strategy beyond the market: governments, society, planet

This rigorous knowledge is translated into practical frameworks, scans, and tools that members and partners benefit from. And they get plenty of opportunities to contribute to, and expand, the research agenda themselves.


The platform is organised around 3 main types of activities, all designed to deliver actionable insights.

‘WE WORK WITH YOU’: Hands-on workshops

Twice a year, we get together to harness and co-create best practices on selected key topics.

We conduct extensive preparatory research to identify best practices in the group, and we bring state-of-the-art knowledge, case studies, and hands-on exercises.

Members bring their examples, experiences, questions, and insights.

When relevant, we bring in external stakeholders – such as international experts, entrepreneurs, investors, or other executives – to share their insights and experience.

Finally, we consolidate the learnings, document the best practices, and report to the group – always focusing on how to put the best practices to work.

‘WE CHALLENGE YOU’: Benchmarking opportunities

Every year, we organise a benchmarking exercise and invite members to participate. Depending on the topic, the exercise can take different forms. But it always involves the development of a tool, its application in the member organisations, and discussion of the findings with the group.

Members also receive an individual report with feedback on their own practices.

‘WE CONNECT YOU’: Expertise at your fingertips

Connecting members to the best expertise is an ongoing activity of the platform.
We invite members to come to us with their questions, and we help them connect to the appropriate expert. When relevant, we facilitate ad hoc sessions, focus groups or roundtables on emerging topics.

By selecting and summarising the most relevant insights from the SIAP research and from key strategy journals and books, we also make sure that members are always on top of the latest developments on the topics that matter most to them.

Partners & Members

We plan to launch later this year and are still busy building the group. More information on members soon.

Meet the team

The Strategy in Action Platform is led by Prof. Carine Peeters (Director), and Prof. Martin Weiss (Head of the Steering Committee). With the entire team, they bring together a wealth of rigorous and practical insights.

Prof. Carine Peeters
Expert in business strategy, strategic flexibility and adaptation

Prof. Martin Weiss
Expert in business & corporate strategy, uncertainty and consulting skills

Prof. Kurt Verweire
Expert in business & corporate strategy, implementation & change

Prof. Kerstin Fehre
Expert in business & corporate strategy, strategic flexibility and decision-making

Prof. Leonardo Meeus
Expert in corporate affairs & strategy beyond markets

Prof. Filip Abraham
Expert in globalisation and international business

Prof. Philippe Haspeslagh
Expert in corporate governance, M&A and family business

Become a member or partner

The Platform aims at profound and lasting relations with strategy executives and companies. For that, there are two main ways to join, as an executive member or as a corporate partner. Take the lead and contact us. We will be very happy to explore how the Platform could help you deal with the strategic priorities and challenges of your organisation.


  • You are an executive in charge of defining and executing the strategy of your organisation (e.g., CEO, Chief Strategy Officer, Head of Corporate Planning, General Manager, Head of Division, Partner, Member of the Board, …).
  • You work for a multinational or large established local company.
  • You are globally-minded and eager to learn and contribute to strategy knowledge and best practices.
  • You want a community of peers and experts you can trust.

The annual fee for the membership is €10,000 (excl. VAT), with an initial commitment of 3 years.
This gives you access to all workshops, activities, community services, and knowledge base of the platform.


You want to be a member – but you want even more than that. This is what corporate partnerships are about.
Joining as a partner offers endless possibilities to build a solution fully tailored to your specific needs. For instance:

  • You want customised insights for your organisation (e.g., research, tools or methodologies).
  • You want brand and content visibility via publications or events.
  • You want to access Vlerick experts for keynotes, sounding boards, or coaching.
  • You want to sponsor rigorous research on a highly relevant topic for today’s and tomorrow’s strategy leaders.
  • You want curriculum benefits or privileged access to Vlerick talents.

Our flexible partnership formulas are tailored to meet your needs and interests. Only one constant: We start from your questions and challenges, we explore the best format to create value for you and your organisation, and we build a win-win partnership to realise our joint ambition.

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