Library measures due to COVID-19




During the COVID-19 crisis Bloomberg Disaster Recovery was launched for Vlerick Business School. This means that from now on, the Bloomberg terminal is only accessible remotely!

Please only request access to Bloomberg if you absolutely need it.

If you want to make use of the Bloomberg remote options, there are some things you need to keep in mind:

  • Make a reservation for a time slot
    • Student/participant: use the 'Bloomberg reservations' room in your outlook calendar.
    • Staff/faculty: send an email to
  • Choose between using the generic login or creating/using your own personal terminal login
  • Simultaneous access isn’t possible, so there can be only one user per time slot

Take a look at this manual to get an overview of the steps you need to follow on getting access and using the terminal.


For an academic business school, access to trustworthy information is indispensable and the last couple of weeks have proven this repeatedly. While flattening the curve for the sake of everyone’s health, we were creating an information peak all together by actively digging into the library’s databases and digital resources. We therefore want to explicitly THANK YOU for trusting us as a valuable source of information.

To assist you even more, we partially and gradually re-open our physical services for Vlerick staff and degree participants as of 18 May, following guidelines and measures taken by the government, the information sector and Vlerick Business School.

Re-opening during corona - different steps


Consult the library catalogue & make your request

We ensure contact-free delivery via your pigeon hole (*)

  • Packages are prepared at Ghent campus on Monday and Thursday morning
  • Deliveries:
    • @ Ghent campus: Monday & Thursday
    • @ Brussels campus: Tuesday & Thursday
    • @ Leuven campus: Tuesday & Thursday
    • No deliveries on Thursday 21 May and on Monday 1 June!
  • Before picking up your package, make sure to send a notification to Provide the date + hour of your visit.

(*) When requested on time, you’ll find the package in your pigeon hole on the next delivery date. For EMBA participants: you’ll find a pick-up point near the reception desks in Brussels and Leuven and in front of the library in Ghent.


  • We’re currently working on two options:
    • A remote option with access to Bloomberg from home (1 user at a time)
      OR in case the first option is not feasible:
    • Access to the on-site terminal with extra safety measures and a limited amount of available time slots on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.
  • Both options require reservation of a specific time-slot! More info will follow soon.
  • In the meanwhile, please send an email to in case you want to reserve a time slot to use the terminal on Tuesday 19 May!


Delivery box on all campuses

  • Currently all deadlines to hand in borrowed books have been extended until 25 May!
  • For degree participants & staff: In case your due date will pass as of 25 May you will receive a kind reminder to hand in books via the delivery box in front of the library (Ghent) or in the reception area (Brussels & Leuven).
  • For all other library users: an automatic extension of your loan until 17 August will be granted.
  • Before returning your books, make sure to send a notification to! Provide the date + hour of your visit.


All other services for ALL library users (alumni, open programme participants, university & college students) will start as of 17 August. An update will follow in due time.



Following the decisions taken by the National Security Council on 15 April, Vlerick Business School will continue to operate, taking into account the prolonged lockdown and social distancing measures. Concretely that means that we organise all our programmes and activities digitally until 30 June.

The school is closely monitoring future government decisions and policies, and is working behind the scenes on various scenarios for a safe re-opening of its campuses. Until then, the library remains closed.

In the meantime we've collected free resources from different content providers such as Emerald, Elsevier, EBSCO,… and temporary access to Perlego, The Spotify for Textbooks. A libguide with an overview of all free resources and access details can be found here.

Vlerick Library provides access to Perlog - The Spotify for textbooks


Given the evolving situation related to the COVID-19 virus, the library is closed until further notice.

All non-physical library services such as general information requests, interlibrary loans for electronic materials, etc. remain guaranteed. The digital collection is, as always, accessible through


Until further notice, the library is closed for the general public until April 19.

The Library is open for badge owners, between 10 am - 5 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. This way we can keep insuring book loans and shipments. Our library personnel follows the general guidelines and will use extra hand sanitizer when handling books.

The library is not accessible for group work and/or studying from March 16 until April 19.

All non-physical library services such as information requests, copyright orders, book orders, ILL,… remain guaranteed. The digital collection is, as always, accessible through

Library measures due to COVID-19

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