Forum for Social Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs for a Better World

We are a platform within Vlerick Business School with the aim of fostering Social entrepreneurship. We believe that an enterprise approach is the best way to create jobs, empower the poor and transform communities.

We offer education, project development and networking for Social entrepreneurial organisations (actors) to help them develop their skills and talent and contribute to the community.

In doing so the forum wants to develop each actor’s activities, thereby strengthening their impact on future and active entrepreneurs and their entrepreneurial ventures.

At the same time the Forum aims to create awareness for Social entrepreneurship at the faculty level, to encourage students to choose Social entrepreneurial organisations for their in-company and Giving Back project and stimulate employees with an interest for the topic to share their ideas and network on the Forum.

The forum believes that stimulating local entrepreneurship can create an overall better social & economic situation, affecting society at large in a global and sustainable perspective.

The forum realizes this by offering the school’s and its stakeholders expertise (being education, projects and network), towards different actors with local and specific expertise in the field. In doing so the forum wants to develop each actor’s activities, thereby strengthening their impact on future and active entrepreneurs and their entrepreneurial ventures.

For whom?

Social entrepreneurs and Social entrepreneurial organisations that recognize a social or business need and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create and manage a venture to achieve social change.

What do we offer?

Management education
  • Programmes/sessions organised for a group of managers of the actor organisation: All aspects of business planning and modelling
  • Tickets for open executive programmes focussed on Entrepreneurship (ex. Tobias Leenaert, Ashoka fellow)
Student projects
  • Writing a business plan or part of it (e.g. marketing plan, financial structure, self-funding, … ). We already worked together with Sarvadoya, NFTE, BEETH, ... More information on these projects can be found here.
  • Training of the target group of the actor (local entrepreneurs) to strengthen their entrepreneurial capacities
  • Implementing Management systems to strengthen the actors organisation
  • Developing entrepreneurial capacities of actors
  • Research projects (An actor can make use of our students to perform research on a certain topic that is of interest for them).

The Forum was founded by Hans Crijns, Professor at Vlerick Business School, and a group of entrepreneurs within the network of the school (Founding Fathers). They want to share their network and expertise in entrepreneurship.

What did we realise?

Participants for KMO Challence (Ashoka, NFTE), In Company Projects (BEETH, NFTE, Exchange), Brainstorm session (Streetwize), Support educational project (You Bridge) Giving Back Projects (Asnapp, Swiss contact Peru 2, BCYF, SOL, BASSMA, Cajamarca Peru, Foundation Education and Development, E+Co, Sevalaya, East Bali poverty Project, Goodwill, Sarvodaya), Management Education (NFTE).


We are looking for

  • Actors with local and specific expertise in fostering Social entrepreneurship.
  • Vlerick students that would prefer to work in their In Company (Master) or Giving Back Project (IMBA) for a Socialentrepreneurial organisation. As a student you can look for an actor with an interesting project yourself or you can build further on a project that was done in the past. For more information please contact Yolanda Habets, the SPOC for the "Giving Back Projects".
  • Vlerick Employees who would like to act as a single point of contact (SPOC) for the partners (selected actors) of the Platform.
  • Vlerick Alumni that would like to share their expertise and network on the platform.

Are you ready for the Forum? Do you want to professionalize your organization? Can you offer projects to our students on a regular basis? Are you interested in investing in the professional development of one or a team of your employees? Are you a student with interest in Social entrepreneurship? Don’t hesitate and give us a call. Together we will look further in how we can make a difference to the world and each other.

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