Actors on the Forum for Social Entrepreneurship

The forum selected a number of actors with local and specific expertise with entrepreneurs who address a social need. The criteria for the selection of the actors are:

  • Focus on Social entrepreneurship
  • Capability of absorbing the knowledge transfer. (understand management language)
  • To be able to disseminate and follow up the knowledge transferred. (Long term sustainability)
  • To be able to apply well defined projects on a regular basis
  • Potential impact of knowledge transfer
  • Fit between the competences offered and the need of the actor

Some acknowledged actors:


Streetwize increases the hunger, proactivity, flexibility and internal cohesion within your company, by engraining the learning experiences from authentic streetcases.  15 years of experience showed us the power of streetchildren. Their streetskills are the fundamentals of the poignant training programs, that Qfor describes as inspiring, creative and practical.


E+Co makes clean energy investments in developing countries. With 15 years of experience and offices in 8 locations, E+Co's innovative business model provides lasting solutions to climate change and poverty. Click here (pdf, 219 kB) to download the Project Charter.


Ashoka – a non for profit association, mondial and apolitical, is the greatest existing network for Social Entrepreneurs. Ashoka’s objective is creating a world in which each individual is capable to take up public (social) challenges in a rapid and efficient way. (Everyone can be a changemaker)


NFTE wants to stimulate young people who want to increase their social and professional resilience in the society. Through a no nonsense approach and practice oriented knowledge transfer NFTE introduces the power of entrepreneurship to them. At the mean time NFTE prepares them to take up an active and entrepreneurial role in their personal life. Click here (pdf, 179 kB) to download the Project Charter.

Sarvodaya - Sri Lanka

The largest NGO in Sri Lanka active in 15.000 villages with a focus on 10 basic human need domains.
Click here to download the Project charter.

Oxfam - België

Oxfam-Solidarity is a nongovernmental organisation who focuses on development corporation and humanitarian actions. They fight for sustainable answers for poverty, injustice, social exclusion trough projects in North & South. Together with the partners in the South and with volunteers and sympathisers in the North they put pressure on policy to make sure they can realise change on a structural level. Click here (pdf, 190 kB) to download the Project Charter.


Trias is a Belgian development organisation active in twelve countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Trias supports almost 600.000 entrepreneurs through more than 80 local partner organisations.  Trias and her partner organisations support people working in smallholder agriculture or as micro-entrepreneurs. In Flanders (Belgium), Trias is closely linked to six member based organisations: the rural organisations Landelijke Gilden, KVLV and KLJ and the entrepreneurial organisations UNIZO, markant and Neos. To support entrepreneurial people in the South, they work on four core themes: microfinance-business development services-marketing-organisational strengthening. Throughout the whole of her programs, Trias also focus on transversal themes : gender and diversity-participation-sustainability. Click here (pdf, 195 kB) to download the Project Charter.

Actors on the Forum for Social Entrepreneurship

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