Jumpstart your DBA journey

with a Vlerick-proposed research project

The Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) programme is an opportunity for senior professionals to make an academic contribution to business and society – and gain a PhD in Business Administration from KU Leuven and Ghent University.

If you have your own research topic to bring to the programme – that’s fantastic. We will build a team of expert supervisors to guide you on your doctoral journey.

However, we also offer an alternative approach – where you can choose a research topic that’s been proposed by a faculty member.

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How it works

Many of our faculty members have research topics they want to explore – and they’re looking for senior PhD candidates to join their team. You may find that one of our proposed topics is relevant to you and your area of specialism – and something you’re keen to pursue.

This means you’ll be able to jumpstart your DBA journey with an initially defined research project. And you’ll have the support of a ready-made supervisory team with the ideal combination of experience and expertise to guide you.

Of course, you’ll still be part of the regular DBA programme. You’ll participate in both the learning and research stages together with all other participants of your cohort. And you’ll become a member of a research community that spans Vlerick, KU Leuven and Ghent University.

Applying for the DBA

The programme starts in September every year. So if you’d like to join our next cohort, start your application today. Mention in your statement of purpose that you apply for a Vlerick-proposed research project.

The DBA is a rigorous, highly academic programme – and there is an extensive admission process you’ll need to follow when you’re ready to apply.

Find full details of our admissions requirements and interview process here.

Discover the faculty-proposed projects that are available now…

Research proposal titleCorporate Sustainability: A multi-level, multi-method exploration of the role of female directors and managers
Subject areas involvedSustainability
People management & leadership
Brief summary of the project

This project takes a multi-level, mixed-method approach to exploring the role female board members and managers can play in improving a company’s sustainability.

It will consider this topic on two levels:

  1. Macro firm-level – institutional pressures that affect the appointment of women to boards
  2. Micro-level – exploring identity group dynamics in two ways:
  • How the “identity baggage” women carry influences how psychologically safe they feel in these groups
  • And how women try to exert influence within these groups

    Download the full details here
Is this research opportunity right for you?If you have a keen interest in gender and sustainability, this could be a perfect research opportunity for you.
Research proposal titleMetaverse: Exploring the economic potential for business and online customer experience
Subject areas involvedDigital transformation
Marketing & Sales
SupervisorsProf dr Arne Buchwald
Prof dr Fred Lemke
Prof dr Stijn Viaene
Brief summary of the project

The aim of this project is to understand how organisations can create value from the Metaverse.

It includes four studies:

  • Study 1: Exploring the foundational components of the Metaverse through a literature review
  • Study 2: Exploring the knowledge of practitioners using the Delphi method
  • Study 3: Developing a design theory for Metaverse applications
  • Study 4: Focusing on online user customer experience in the Metaverse

    Download the full details here
Is this research opportunity right for you?This research opportunity is ideal if you are keen to learn more about how the Metaverse works – and how it can add business value – while working with leading information systems and marketing experts.

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