SIX BATTERIES OF CHANGE 18 mind and expect to go from point A to point B. The six-ton animal symbolizes the emotions of people. If someone would stand along your path holding an ice cream cone, your elephant would be very tempted to get it. As a rider you would be pretty helpless and have little chance of getting the elephant to move in any direction but towards the ice cream. The conclusion is that the rider is an advisor or servant, not a king. The emotions of the elephant make it reach for short-term satisfaction (getting the ice cream), which momentarily blocks the long-term goal of getting to B. Put differently, change leaders need to be aware of the emotional aspects of the organization and master these often hidden dynamics of organizational change in order to succeed.11 EMOTIONAL/INFORMAL RATIONAL/FORMAL O P E R AT I O N A L ST R AT E G I C Action planning and implementation Strong connection with employees Healthy culture Ambitious top team Clear strategic direction Powerful management infrastructure Figure 3 • The Six Batteries Model