19 chapter 1 • AN INTRODUCTION TO THE SIX BATTERIES OF CHANGE The resulting framework in Figure 3 illustrates an ideal balancing of the formal and the informal and the strategic and the operational: Battery ‘Clear strategic direction’: provides focus and ensures that change energy is oriented in the right direction. Battery ‘Powerful management infrastructure’: comprises the organiza- tion’s structures and systems needed to balance running and building the business as well as maintaining and improving performance. It is the en- ergy control system that bridges the high-level strategy and the many operational projects and processes undertaken in the organization. Battery ‘Action planning and implementation’: covers project and process management; this is where energy is transformed into clear customer benefits or improved organizational capabilities. Battery ‘Ambitious top team’: covers the top team that generates energy for change; a cohesive top team inspires with vision and aspiration. This team brings passion, purpose and meaning to the table while serving as a role model for change. Battery ‘Healthy culture’: amplifies change energy by building an open and transparent environment that brings people closer together. This drives the organization to stretch its goals and to seek opportunities for individual and organizational growth. Battery ‘Strong connection with employees’: focuses on the connection with the people in the organization. There is no organizational change without individual change. Connecting with the emotions of employees gradually increases their desire and ability to embrace change and be- come fully committed to it.