SIX BATTERIES OF CHANGE 20 Each battery of change is in turn associated with six energy domains:12 ‘Clear strategic direction’ is the source of intellectual energy. It is the company’s choice of direction based on analysis, insight, thinking and synthesis. It is the energy generated by understanding your internal and external environment, planning ahead, and making consequent strate- gic decisions. ‘Powerful management infrastructure’ contributes to the organization’s systemic energy. It is derived from the company’s systems, structures and procedures that prioritize and support change efforts while improv- ing on them continuously. It is about figuring out how to get more out of the whole rather than out of the constituent parts. ‘Action planning and implementation’ provides physical energy. It is the drive to make things happen, by way of sound data analysis and thoughtful experimentation that identifies the best way forward. It is also about making progress visible and the vitality this creates. Here lies the kinetic force of change. ‘Ambitious top team’ is the source of spiritual energy. It is the commit- ment of the company’s leaders to build a common vision and to create confidence in a compelling and meaningful ambition. ‘Healthy culture’ is the source of social energy. It is the energy people get from positive relationships with others, their feeling of ‘us’ instead of ‘I’ and their common search for victory. ‘Strong connection with employees’ generates psychological energy. It is the trust among employees and leaders, and the courage to embrace the change. It is the feeling of safety and support when making changes that ultimately translates into a belief in the power of ‘self’, ‘team’ and ‘organization’.