21 chapter 1 • AN INTRODUCTION TO THE SIX BATTERIES OF CHANGE INTELLECTUAL ENERGY Focus & Direction PROVIDES Performance & Agility CONTROLS PHYSICAL ENERGY Benefits & Capabilities TRANSFORMS STRATEGIC SPIRITUAL ENERGY GENERATES Purpose & Meaning SOCIAL ENERGY AMPLIFIES Cohesion & Drive PSYCHOLOGICAL ENERGY INCREASES Security & Commitment SYSTEMS ENERGY OPERATIONAL RATIONAL/FORMAL EMOTIONAL/INFORMAL Figure 4 • The six batteries and their associated types of energy BACKGROUND SNAPSHOT: BEHIND THE SCENES OF OUR RESEARCH We started this research project in the winter of 2012, three academics and one change manager. We had different backgrounds, but all of us had had regular contact with the business world – whether as a teacher, consultant, or business manager. What drove us together was the realization that we all looked at change from a fragmented perspective. If we brought our ideas together, we believed, we could bring something more valuable to the table.