SIX BATTERIES OF CHANGE 28 to look at the most significant energy drainers and gainers in your company. It provides an overview of the most common change pathologies and shows why it makes sense to have a look at your change context and history. This ‘diagnosis’ will provide valuable insights in preparation for chapters 9 and 10 as you build a cus- tomized roadmap to charge all of your batteries. Chapter 9 moves from analysis to launching change interventions. It helps you to design change interventions that manage both the rational and emotional side of change, and that span the spectrum from strategic to operational. This chapter presents two major energy design principles: balance and flow… both useful con- cepts when building a portfolio of change initiatives. The last chapter examines your change ambition level. Are you considering setting up a change project just to get your organization back on track? Or do you aspire to develop change capabilities that help you to deal with fast-changing and turbu- lent environments? If the latter, arguably the only way to survive and secure sus- tained performance is to build capabilities that allow you to renew yourself faster than the competition does. We finish this chapter with a case study of a large fi- nancial institution, KBC, which transformed itself into an entity capable of dealing with the digital disruptions in its industry.