Lopende doctoraatsprojecten

Nieuwsgierig naar onze lopende doctoraatsonderzoeken? Hier vind je een overzicht van de huidige studenten. Aarzel niet om hen te contacteren voor meer informatie over het onderzoek dat ze doen.

Anantha Divakaruni

Stakeholder relationships, institutional environments and partner-selection in leveraged buyout financing

Bart Verwaeren

Rewarding innovation: the relationship between contingent rewards and innovative performance

Caroline Baert

The impact of managerial cognition on strategic outcomes: the role of competitive discourse

Corneel Defrancq

On the interaction between corporate governance and mergers and acquisitions

Inge De Clippeleer

Being in the driver’s seat of your job: investigating contextual and individual determinants and outcomes of job crafting

Iris Roelens

Leveraging the power of social influence for customer relationship management: growing the value of a customer base using referral network analysis

Jacob Vermeire

Future time perspective and small business growth in developing regions: evidence from microfinance entrepreneurs in South Africa

Jeroen Neckebrouck

Private equity investments in family firms: agency and behavioral perspectives

Lieselot Danneels

Digital business innovation of public services


Mathias Boënne

Designing innovation tournaments to optimize the fuzzy front end of the innovation process

Thomas Matthys

Bank interconnectedness, financial networks and private information


Tine Geldof

Real world evidence enabled decision making in adaptive drug development and access for oncology treatments

Maud Van den Broeke

Design for supply chain management through platforms

Tina Davidson

Investigating the nature, antecedents, and consequences of voice behavior as a function of cultural conceptions of agency

Shari De Baets

On the added value of human judgment in forecasting with promotions



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