Experience Vlerick over Lunch

26 October 2021
11 am – 12.45 pm
Professionals & executives

Want to supercharge your professional batteries? Our Experience Vlerick lunch session will give you just the spark you’re looking for. Join us to experience the buzz of Vlerick first-hand – and to meet other professionals who are excited and ambitious about their careers.

When you join us, you’ll get brilliant insights and practical ideas to help drive your career into the future – and you’ll be able to attend two inspirational online workshops, completely free of charge.

And if you’d like to get personalised advice about your learning journey – before or after the session – you can request an appointment for a one-to-one session with a Vlerick programme advisor. We’ll send you an invite to book your timeslot closer to the event.



11.00 AM Plenary welcome by host
11.20 AM Defining your path to career success – Professor Dirk Buyens
12.00 PM Break
12.05 PM Winning strategy at business and corporate level – Professor Carine Peeters


Defining your path to career success
by Professor Dirk Buyens

Ever wondered what differentiates a successful professional career from a less successful one? Ever wondered where your career is taking you in the next 10 years? This session will provide you some guidelines for steering your career in the right direction by outlining the basic principles of career self-management and by gaining insight into internal and external factors that influence your career success.
Winning strategy at business and corporate level
by Professor Carine Peeters

Why do so many firms fail where few succeed? Strategy is part of the answer. So join us as we challenge received ideas about what strategy is (or should be) and elucidate hot issues like: 'Developing a winning business strategy: What questions to answer and how?', 'The hard reality of value creation in multi-business companies' and 'Are you ready to go international?'



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