2014 Best Researcher Award goes to Robert Boute and Veroniek Collewaert

During the New Year’s reception the Vlerick 2014 ‘Best Researcher Award’ was granted to Vlerick professors Robert Boute and Veroniek Collewaert. They received the award for their excellent academic output. The Best Researcher Award is an internal prize that was created four years ago to give high-quality research more visibility and to highlight the importance of research for our school.

Needless to say that both Veroniek and Robert were extremely pleased to receive this award.
Veroniek: “Academic research tends to take a long time. One of the papers accepted this year took me seven years from data collection to final acceptance. So for me, this award recognises the hard work that goes into research. Moreover, all the other professors nominated have an impressive research track record, which makes me even prouder to have received this award. I did not expect to win it honestly; I had actually put a bet on Robert winning it (smiles).
Robert adds: “And it is of course a great honour to receive it together with my colleague Veroniek. The award acknowledges the many efforts we make for our academic research. It is great to know that Vlerick appreciates these efforts.

Apart from the winners Vlerick professors Ann Vereecke, Miguel Meuleman and Deva Rangarajan were eligible for the Vlerick 2014 Best Researcher Award, given a successful A* article in 2014. The interuniversity award selection committee was impressed with the high quality profiles of all candidates and had a tough job to select one winner amongst them. All candidates have a nice track record, are working on highly relevant topics and are very active in translating their research to the business community and to educational practice. After a thorough deliberation, the jury agreed to select two winners.

  • Both have an impressive 2014 publication record
  • Robert successfully supervised a PhD student who graduated in November 2014
  • Veroniek was invited to become part of the editorial review board of the A* journal ‘Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice’
  • Robert translates his research into case studies and plays an active role in the debate about his research expertise in academic and non-academic settings
  • Veroniek is involved in both the GIMV Chair with a project on entrepreneurial forecasting as well as in a new prime foundation partnership with Deloitte that focusses on young, high-potential companies. She also contributed to pedagogical innovation at Vlerick with a new MBA elective on social entrepreneurship and an Entrepreneurship bootcamp for the Master students

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