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The changing energy landscape

Renewable energy sources and increased focus are changing the European energy landscape.

On 26 January 2016, we welcomed four top speakers at the Vlerick Ghent campus to give their view on these evolutions. Didier Tshidimba (Roland Berger) discussed the impact of renewable energy sources and liberalization on energy producers and what they should do to successfully move into services.

 meet the industry

Vlerick professor Leonardo Meeus showed how new activities in the energy sector have emerged, that don't fit the liberalization framework. He also presented the most peculiar findings from his recent study “Outlook on the European DSO Landscape 2020".

Pascale Fonck showed how Elia develops its infrastructure and controls the network to ensure smooth electricity supply via the transmission network. She also showed how it is progressing to make the energy market more transparent.

Luc Dossche explained how REstore restores the balance between electricity generation and demand by instantaneously reducing demand from industrial customers.

As questions were plentiful during the Q&A session on such an exciting topic, the discussions continued well into the evening, during the closing networking reception.

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