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What was your dream when you were a child? How did it evolve as you grew up? And what is your dream today? One thing is for sure: in order to make your dreams come true you have to dare to take a leap. But not without a safety net. Vlerick Business School helps bridging the gap between dreaming and doing.

At Vlerick we bring together unique people, from diverse backgrounds, highly diverging career paths and different sectors. They all have their own expectations, ranging from highly concrete to rather vague. What most of our alumni have in common, is that their time at Vlerick provided them precisely with the helping hand they needed to realise their dreams. We stimulated them to reflect, recharge and think outside the box. And we filled their mental suitcase with all the baggage they needed to embark on their adventure.

Anthony De Wit is one of our dreamers. As a child, he loved to be the centre of attention. At first he dreamed of a career on the stage as an actor or performer. Somewhere on his journey, he stopped by at Vlerick. Today, as a starting entrepreneur, he still takes centre stage, although now he is the director of his own company, Suitcase.

Men and shopping. It is still a difficult combination. Many men hate the idea of busy shopping streets and claustrophobic fitting rooms. Besides costing a lot of time and money, it is not easy to find clothes that really fit. Do you also dream of being effortlessly stylish every day? The new online shopping service Suitcase is here to help every man dress perfectly for every occasion.

The principle is simple. First, you create a basic online profile with information about your measurements, budget and requirements. A phone conversation with a style advisor follows to find out more about your preferences and style. After all, Suitcase is designed to help you dress you for any occasion, from a stylish work outfit to hip leisure wear. Once you’ve passed that hurdle, there is nothing more to do except wait and try on your new clothes. The personal style advisor puts together two or three customised outfits from a wide range of high-quality clothes and shoes and sends them to you free of charge in a luxury box. Try them on at home in your own time, when it suits you. Clothes that don’t fit you or your expectations can be sent back after seven days. How easy is that?

For Anthony De Wit, Vlerick Business School was the place where he learned to channel his ideas: ‘I had all kinds of disconnected plans in my head. Vlerick did not offer me only the opportunity to make them grow, test them out and bring them better into focus, but also to continue dreaming and thinking outside the box. The gilded cage of a permanent job is tempting, but sometimes you have to dare to take a less comfortable route to find an answer to your questions and follow your dream.’

Many other Vlerick alumni have already journeyed to their dreams. Each story is unique – just like yours. Let them inspire you to take your dream to the next level.

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