Sophie Manigart is special issue editor for Small Business Economics

The special issue of the A journal ‘Small Business Economics’ for which Vlerick professor Sophie Manigart is editor – together with Mike Wright, professor of Entrepreneurship at the Imperial College in London – recently came out. The topic of this special issue was "Reassessing the Relationships between Private Equity Investors and Their Portfolio Companies".

Being selected as special issue editor is quite an honour as well as a challenge, since you have to coordinate the entire process from selection and acceptance to publication of articles. Sophie Manigart, Professor of Corporate Finance at Vlerick Business School: “Being a special issue editor for a journal like Small Business Economics is exciting, as it allows one to steer the content of that specific issue, and to present the state-of-the-art research in a particular domain. Having Mike Wright as co-editor proved to be really helpful in my case, as it was my first experience with this kind of responsibility, while Mike is very experienced in this!

Doing a good job as editor is quite demanding and time consuming,” Sophie explains. “One first has to read all submissions, then select the ones that will be invited to the research workshop which took place at Vlerick Business School in 2011, under sponsorship of the Gimv Private Equity Chair. Based upon the workshop presentations, the feedback of the reviewers and our own reading of the papers, a second selection took place. The further review process strongly involved independent reviewers, but also relied on our own insights to provide high quality guidance to the authors.”

It is also customary for special issue editors to write the introductory chapter to the issue. Sophie: “Together with Mike we explained the broad research gap addressed in the special issue, how the different papers addressed this gap and which insights they developed. Finally, the introductory chapter also contained a future research agenda. I hope researchers will draw upon this to identify interesting questions ahead.

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