The Rural Energy Global Platform (REGP) is searching for an ‘Entrepreneurial manager with a vision on sustainable rural energy solutions’

Win 5,000 euros and carry out your own conceptual business plan

1/ Why?

The UN has designated the year 2012 as the year of ‘Sustainable Energy for All’. Today 1.4 billion people worldwide still do not have access to electricity or other sustainable energy sources even though this is an important condition for development.

At the same time both the north and the south have plenty of technologies for generating renewable energy, whether biomass or wind and solar energy.

However they are not available on an industrial scale, nor are they affordable. The missing link thus involves successfully marketing ‘creative’ technologies from the south (where they do more with less), combined with the experience of industrial companies from the north.

2/ Who or what is REGP?

Vyncke Energietechniek nv and a few other industrial partners in Europe and India have joined forces in a partnership. They have combined their industrial experience and the financial resources needed to make these technologies accessible to the lowest social classes in rural areas. Click here  for the Rural Energy Global Platform’s mission statement.

3/ Who are we looking for?

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit, do you agree with this approach and do you have plenty of exciting ideas about how to combine existing renewable technologies from the north and south and market them on a large and affordable scale?

Then commit your ideas to paper in a well-thought out conceptual business plan for the REGP. (Click here for some inspiration about how to draw up such a conceptual business plan). You stand a chance to win to a 5,000 euro cash prize. At the same time the Platform will give you the opportunity to implement your vision as an expert in the REGP expert group.

This competition is a joint initiative of Vyncke Energietechniek in collaboration with Ventures for Growth and Vlerick Business School.


All business plans have to be submitted by e-mail by 1 November 2012 at the latest to Professor Hans Crijns ( A professional jury made up of members of the Rural Energy Global Platform and professors of Vlerick Business School will evaluate all the submissions in November. The winner will be notified in person before 30 November2012.

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