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New! Key Account Management programme

From 12-14 June the Ghent campus will be the venue for our brand-new Key Account Management programme, headed up by Deva Rangarajan, Associate Professor in Sales & Marketing. “In order to ensure that this programme is perfectly tailored to current business needs, we used the insight we gained from interviewing some 40 sales managers and directors over the past couple of years. This was confirmed by means of a customer sounding board session held on our campus last year and by benchmarking our programme against others of this kind offered in other leading business schools. We used the outcomes of this extensive process when setting up this Key Account Management programme.

Three challenges for key account managers

So, what emerged as the main challenges for key account managers?

  • How do I prioritise my limited time between different types of customers and focus on the right key accounts?
  • How can I get past silo thinking within my organisation to help my customers more effectively?
  • What strategies exist to start involving our customers in the co-creation process?

All these challenges are tackled in some way during this three-day programme.

For whom? Managers who are or will be responsible for strategic accounts in B2B or B2C

Interested? To register, or if you have any questions, please contact Elke Vijverman (elke.vijverman@vlerick.com - T: +32 9 210 98 52)



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