Will 2014 be the year of the breakthrough for women at the top?

Dominique Leroy was recently appointed as the new CEO of Belgacom. And also just a short while ago, a woman – Janet Yellen – was named to head the American Federal Reserve. Earlier in the financial world, Christine Lagarde led the way as the first woman ever to reach the top of the International Monetary Fund...

It seems as if we’re at a turning point with regard to women and leadership. What’s more, women at the top often have the reputation of being ruthless bitches. Marissa Meyer, at the helm of Yahoo for over a year now, is frequently characterised as a tough woman to deal with. Nevertheless, Saskia Van Uffelen, CEO of Bull Belgium, showed a very human side of high work pressure last year, following the sudden death of a co-worker.

Vlerick Professor Katleen De Stobbeleir is an expert in leadership and leadership development. We asked her to tell us what the situation is right now with women in high positions. But in particular: will 2014 be the year of the breakthrough for women at the top?

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