Masters Open Day Leuven

Invest 1 year, gain 5 with a Vlerick Masters!

Maximise your career opportunities with a one-year Masters in

Experience our programmes during the Masters Open Day on Wednesday 25th of November 2015 at our Leuven campus from 6.30pm until 8.30pm.

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Designing Consumer-Based Marketing Tactics by Prof Frank Goedertier


A good understanding of consumer behaviour is often the starting point for the creation of a successful marketing campaign. What can we learn from consumer psychology and consumer behaviour that can help to increase the effectiveness of marketing tactics? This session illustrates how companies take advantage of consumer insights via a series of real-life examples. In an interactive part we also challenge the participants to see the (business) world (and their own behaviour) through the lens of marketing-relevant consumer psychology.

Career Self-Management: You're in the drivers seat! by Prof Veroniek De Schamphelaere


You develop yourself, you learn, you grow with as final aim to become a motivated and competent professional. Happy employees who get energy from their job. It is said that those who choose a job they love, never have to work one day in their lives. But how to find out what your destination will be? One thing is sure: only you can tell what will drive you through your career and what will be important to you. What is your professional profile? In this workshop we’ll trigger your thoughts on this.


 5.45pm Arrival 
 6pm Welcome to Vlerick Business School 
 6.30pm Workshop 1 
 7.30pm      Workshop 2 
 8.30pm   Drink and meeting with staff and current students

Register now for 2 free workshops and discover our Masters programmes!


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