Entrepreneurial Innovation

From innovative idea to concrete business proposal

Do you have an innovative business idea? Need to defend it in front of a critical audience of potential investors? We give you the skills to overcome every obstacles between you and success. Entrepreneurial Innovation is a programme for private and corporate entrepreneurs with the goal of implementing innovative ideas, particularly with a technological component. The result? Newly acquired expertise that will help you move forward.

Why this programme?

Why this programme?

You learn how to transform an idea step-by-step into a marketable product or service. You also learn how to build a successful business model around a promising technology.

For whom?

For whom?

In this section, you will learn about the target group of this programme.

Detailed programme

Detailed Programme

This 12-day programme covers 4 modules, each of them focussing on an essential step to transforming an innovative idea in to a concrete business proposal.

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A learning experience with real impact on your operations? A management programme tailored to the specific needs of your business? Contact us and discover how we can design and deliver customised programmes for your team that add genuine value to your organisation.

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