Executive Master Class in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Driving Innovation & New Ventures

The Executive Master Class in Innovation and Entrepreneurship will make you as a start-up or as a professional within a corporate environment a champion in getting new ideas to market. You will first learn how to convert new ideas, new opportunities and new inventions into successful businesses. After that, you can select the classes that best meet yours and your company’s needs. As a start-up you might want to develop your entrepreneurial skills, or as a corporate professional you might want to design and manage your organisation for innovative performance.

Why this programme?

Why this programme?

You learn all about entrepreneurship and innovation management as a start-up or as a professional within a corporate environment.

For whom?

For whom?

This programme serves corporate innovation managers, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs.

Detailed programme

Detailed Programme

In this advanced management programme you have the possibility to learn everything about innovation and entrepreneurship, and depending on your individual background as a corporate innovation manager, intrapreneur or entrepreneur tailor the programme to your own needs.

Practical info


Type: Intensive

Length: 19 to 21 days

Start: 19/10/2015

Language: English

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Executive Master Class in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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