Azzim Gulamhussen

Azzim is focused in taking his research on the globalization, governance and regulation of financial institutions to classrooms and boardrooms, and benefitting the institutions where he works and the society at large. His experience in teaching and supervising undergraduate, masters and doctoral students, and executives, spans Cape Vert, China, Finland, India, Mozambique, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.

He held senior management positions at ISCTE Business School for approximately nine years; first, as President of the Finance Research Centre, then as the President of the Business Research Unit, and more recently as Dean of the Business School. He also served as member of the board and then as the Chairman of an international NGO for 10 years.

Azzim has been a consultant to the United Nations (UNIDO), to the E.U., and to SME and multinational corporations. He was recently invited to join the Global Compact Leaders Forum by the Secretary General of the United Nations, and to be a speaker at conferences organized by the Economist and the Euromoney.

Job Title : Professor of Financial Institutions

Management Domain
Accounting & Finance
Financial Services Management

Teaching in
MBA in Financial Services and Insurance
Masters in Financial Management

Expert in
Financial Institutions
International Finance
International Financial Reporting Standards


Azzim is a professor of financial institutions at Vlerick Business School. He teaches banking, an area in which he has been awarded several research grants, taught in Africa, Asia and Europe and published extensively in international peer-reviewed journals, in the MBA – FSI, the MFM and to corporate executives.

He obtained his doctorate from the Henley Business School, an elite triple-crown school, and conducted his post-doctoral studies as Fulbright / U.S. State Department Scholar at Harvard University. Azzim has also held visiting positions at the London School of Economics and the Helsinki School of Economics.

His research has been published, among others, in the Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Financial Services Research, Journal of Financial Stability, Quantitative Finance, Review of Accounting Studies, Journal of International Money & Finance, International Finance, and the Journal of International Financial Management & Accounting.



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