Dominique Salvatore


Professor Dr Dominick Salvatore is Distinguished Professor, Director of Ph.D. Program in Economics, and Department Chair at Fordham University in New York. He holds a PhD from The City University of New York. Professor Salvatore gave more than 300 lectures all over the world: at the United Nations, New York Academy of Sciences, Harvard University, Stanford University, New York University, Boston University, Indiana University, University of California, Johns Hopkins University, University of Florida, University of San Diego, State and City Universities of New York, Western Washington University, and the University of Wisconsin; The Universities of Montreal, Ottawa, Simon Fraser, and Windsor in Canada. In Europe at the Universities of York, Nottingham, Reading, and Sussex in England; Berlin, Bologna, Bruxelles, Budapest, Coimbra, Dresden, Florence, Genova, Krems, Lisbon, Ljubliana, Marseilles, Milan, Pavia, Porto, Prague, Rome, Triest, Tubingen, Valencia, and Vienna. Bar-Ilan University in Israel. In Monterrey, Mexico City, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Puerto Rico in Latin America; Johannesburg, Pretoria and Capetown in Africa; Bangkok, Jakarta, Seoul, and Singapore in Asia.

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Job Title : Visiting Professor MBA/FSI



  • Salvatore D.  . Estimating an Income Distribution Density Function from Kernel-Density Points,”. 

  • Salvatore D.  . Income Distribution over Time in Advanced and Emerging Markets.