Evelyne Vanpoucke


Evelyne Vanpoucke is research fellow at Vlerick Business School and professor at Maastricht University. She holds a Master degree (2002) and PhD (2009) in Applied Economic Sciences of Ghent University and an Executive Master in Supply Chain Management from Vlerick Business School (2005). From 2003 to 2009, she worked as a research associate in the Technology & Operations Management Area of Vlerick Business School. During her PhD, she was a visiting scholar at Michigan State University (US). Her main research interests include supplier integration, supplier collaboration, supply chain management, purchasing management and international manufacturing. She has written several papers on this topic and counseled various companies in implementing supply chain practices.

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Job Title : Research Fellow

Management Domain
Operations & Supply Chain Management

Expert in
Logistics Management
Operations & Supply Chain Management
Supplier Integration
Supplier Collaboration
Purchasing Management
International Manufacturing


Articles in refereed journals with impact

  • Vanpoucke E. Vereecke A. Muylle S.  2017. Leveraging the Impact of Supply Chain Integration through Information Technology. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 37(4): 510-530.

  • Vanpoucke E. Wetzels M. Vereecke A.  2014. Developing supplier integration capabilities for sustainable competitive advantage: a dynamic capabilities approach. Journal of Operations Management, 32(7/8): 446-461.

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  • Vanpoucke E. Vereecke A.  2010. The predictive value of behavioural characteristics on the success of strategic alliances. International Journal of Production Research, 48(22): 6715-6738.

  • Vanpoucke E. Boyer K. Vereecke A.  2009. Supply chain information flow strategies: an empirical taxonomy. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 29(12): 1213-1241.

Articles in other (un)refereed journals

  • Vereecke A. Vanpoucke E. Pandelaere E.  2004. Vraagschommelingen onder controle: Hoe het Forrestereffect minimaliseren?. Business Logistics, (Dec.)

Book Chapters

  • Vanpoucke E. Vereecke A. Pandelaere E. Solis L.  2006. Characteristics of supply chain collaboration and their impact on performance. In: Mendibil K. Shamsuddin A. Moving up the value chain (pp. 1061-1070). University of Strathclyde.

  • Vereecke A. Vanpoucke E.  2005. Europese trends in het design en management van productie- en distributienetwerken van internationale ondernemingen. In: Ed. Management Jaarboek 2004 (pp. 116-121). Vlaamse Management Associatie.


  • Vereecke A. Vanpoucke E. Pandelaere E.  2003. IMSS Report Belgium: Results of the International Manufacturing Strategy Survey in Belgium and Europe. Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School.

Conference Presentations

  • Vanpoucke E. Vereecke A.  2014. Leveraging structural collaboration in buyer-supplier relationships. Paper presented at EurOMA Conference, Palermo,

  • Boyer K. Vanpoucke E. Whipple J.  2008. The moderating role of consensus in buyer-supplier relationships. Paper presented at 39th Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute, November 22-25, Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

  • Vanpoucke E. Vereecke A.  2007. Creating succesful collaborative relationships: an empirical study in Europe. Paper presented at Annual Conference of the Decision Sciences Institute, November 17-20, Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

  • Vanpoucke E. Vereecke A. Pandelaere E. Solis L.  2006. Characteristics of supply chain collaboration and their impact on performance. Paper presented at 13th International Annual EurOMA Conference, June 18-21, Glasgow, United Kingdom.

  • Vereecke A. Vanpoucke E. Pandelaere E. Solis L.  2006. Determinants of success of Supply Chain Collaboration: an empirical study. Paper presented at Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) Annual Conference, November 18-21, San Antonio, Texas, United States.

  • Deschoolmeester D. Vanpoucke E.  2003. A survey on the strategic drivers for e-business efforts: a view over time. Paper presented at 10th European Conference on Information Technology Evaluation 2003, September 25-26, Madrid, Spain.

  • Deschoolmeester D. Vanpoucke E.  2003. Looking for differences between SME's and large companies in Belgium: A survey on planning, frivers and barriers for e-business efforts. Paper presented at Annual Conference of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), Brussels, Belgium.

Conference Proceedings

  • Vanpoucke E. Vereecke A.  2010. Towards a dynamic life-cycle theory of strategic alliances. Porto:

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  • Deschoolmeester D. Vanpoucke E. Willaert P.  2006. Drivers and barriers for e-business: Evolution over time and comparison between SME's and large companies. Springer.

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Doctoral dissertation

  • Vanpoucke E.  2009. Supply chain integration and performance: Empirical essays in a manufacturing context. 

Research reports

Vlerick working papers