Gino Van Ossel

As Professor in Marketing Gino Van Ossel is passionate about how people shop. After 20 years of experience he has developed an unrivaled understanding of the shopper's journey from the earliest buying intention to the actual purchase. He first recorded the growing importance of in-store decision making. Today he is studying how the internet is changing our buying behaviour.
Over the years, he has broadened his scope from retail marketing to retail management. He conceived the retail business model, that helps retailers to structure their thinking and to improve their strategic decision making.
He is helping branded goods manufacturers to develop a better understanding of how retailers think. His expertise stretches from the more strategic channel management and go-to-market strategy issues to the more operational trade & shopper marketing practices.
Gino is very well-known for his teaching and short presentations, where he is combining solid content with a very entertaining style.

Job Title : Adjunct Professor

Management Domain
Marketing & Sales
Retail & Consumer Goods

Teaching in
Vlerick Retail Platform
Masters in Marketing Management

Expert in
Retail & Trade Marketing
Channel Management & e-Commerce


Gino Van Ossel is Adjunct Professor in Retail & Trade Marketing. He feeds his expertise into Vlerick's Retail & Trade Marketing Research Centre. The Centre is funded through contract research and executive education. Among its clients are many leading retailers and branded goods manufacturers such as AbInbev, Akzo-Nobel Decorative Coatings, Bacardi-Martini, Beiersdorf, Brantano, Carrefour, Coca-Cola, Colruyt (Group), Danone, Delhaize (Group), Fnac, Macintosh Retail Group, Makro, Master Foods (Mars), Neuhaus, Panasonic and Samsonite.

In 2004, when he gave up teaching in MBA programmes, he received for the second time the Best Teacher Award. In 2007 he became Belgium's 50th Master Marketeer, being the first academic to receive this honorary title. He also won the Mercury Award of Comeos, the Belgian trade association of retailers, for his contribution to the development of the Belgian retail industry. Gino Van Ossel is Independent  Director of FNG Group (fashion - Euronext Brussels), Formen (fashion), Pirana Concepts (advertising) and the Dutch Trade Marketing Association. He is also Chairman of the Expert Group Retail of the Belgian Marketing Foundation.

Gino Van Ossel is Master in General Management (Vlerick), Applied Economics (Ghent University) and Germanic Philology (Ghent University). He started his career in the advertising department of Procter & Gamble.

Because of his expertise, Gino is often consulted by the media to comment on retail and consumer marketing trends.



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Conference Presentations

Research reports

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