Ilan Momber


Ilan's research career started with his Diplomarbeit on the topic of “Integrating Plug-In Electric Vehicles in Microgrids”, which he developed in cooperation between Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (FhG ISI), Karlsruhe and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California. He was funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).
His research granted him the degree of Business & Industrial Engineering from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), in 2010 and encouraged him to pursue post-graduate studies in academia within the SETS Joint Doctorate at Universidad Pontificia Comilas (UPCO) in Madrid, Spain, as well as Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. Between working in UPCO's Instituto de Investigación Tecnológica (IIT), and KTH's Electric Power Systems Department, he spent half a year at the Department of Statistical Science of University College London (UCL), UK, to deepen his understanding of stochastic optimization and econometrics.

Ilan successfully finished his doctorate and obtained a joint PhD title from UPCO, KTH and TU Delft with the highest possible grade mentioned in the SETS program: Outstanding. He joined the Vlerick Energy Center in January 2015 and was a post-doctoral researcher until he became a research fellow as of November 2016.


Job Title : Research Fellow

Management Domain

Expert in
The changing energy landscape of Europe
Technical and economic modelling of power systems
Integration of plug-in electric vehicles and distributed generation
Power system regulation


Articles in refereed journals with impact

  • Momber I. Wogrin S. Gomez T.  2016. Retail pricing: A bi-level program for PEV aggregator decisions using indirect load control. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 31(1): 464-473.

  • Momber I. Siddiqui A. Gomez T. Söder L.  2015. Risk averse scheduling by a PEV aggregator under uncertainty. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 30(2): 882-891.

  • Momber I. Morales-España G. Ramos A. Gomez T.  2014. PEV storage in multibus scheduling problems. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grids, 5(2): 1079-1087.

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  • Gómez T. Momber I. Rivier M. Sánchez-Miralles Á.  2011. Regulatory framework and business models for charging PEVs: infrastructure, agents, and commercial relationships. Energy Policy, 39(October): 6360-6375.

Book Chapters

  • Meeus L. Hadush S. Momber I.  2016. Regulation of smart grids. In: Liu C. Ed. Smart Grid Handbook John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  • Momber I. Gómez T. Rivier M.  2013. Regulatory Framework and Business Models Integrating Electric Vehicles in Power Systems. In: Garcia-Valle R. Peças Lopes J. Eds. EV Integration into Modern Power Networks Springer.

Conference Presentations

  • Momber I. Morales-España G. Ramos A.  2014. PEV storage in multibus scheduling problems. Paper presented at 2014 IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting, Washington, United States.

  • Momber I. Siddiqui A. Gómez T.  2014. Plug-in electric vehicle participation in electricity markets a stochastic optimization approach. Paper presented at 9th International Conference on Computational Management Science (CMS), April 18-20, London, United Kingdom.

  • Momber I. Wogrin S. Gómez T.  2014. Indirect Load Control Approaches for Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) Aggregators. Paper presented at 20th Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS), July 13-18, Barcelona, Spain.

  • Momber I. Wogrin S. Gómez T.  2014. Modeling Decisions of Plug-in Electric Vehicle Aggregators: An MPEC Approach. Paper presented at INFORMS Annual Meeting, November 9-12, San Francisco, United States.

  • Momber I. Siddiqui A. Gómez T.  2012. Stochastic Plug-in electric vehicle participation in electricity markets. Paper presented at 14th Young Energy Economists & Engineers Seminar (YEEES), Berlin, Germany.

  • Momber I. Gómez T. Venkataramanan G. Stadler M. Beer S. Lai J. Marnay C. Battaglia V.  2010. Plug-in electric vehicle interactions with a small office building: An economic analysis using DER-CAM. Paper presented at 2010 IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting, July 25-29, Minneapolis, United States.

Conference Proceedings

  • Momber I. Wogrin S. Gómez T.  2014. An MPEC for electricity retail alternatives of plugin electric vehicle (PEV) aggregators. Wroclaw:

  • Momber I. Gómez T.  2013. PEV fleet scheduling with electricity market and grid signals. Stockholm:

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Doctoral dissertation

  • Momber I.  2015. Benefits of coordinating plug-in electric vehicles in electric power systems. Through market prices and use-of-system network charges. 

Research reports

  • Momber I. Viaene S. Meeus L.  2016. What every DSO should know about digital: transformational perspectives. Vlerick Business School. (32 p.)

  • Momber I. Tackx K. Hadush S. Meeus L.  2015. White Paper: who will lead the energy market in 2030?. Vlerick Energy Centre. (19 p.)

  • Rivier M. Momber I. Battle C. Rodilla P. e.a.  2012. Scenarios and Roadmap for Deployment of EV in Three European Regions: Recommendations for Policy Makers and Regulators. 

  • Momber I. Rivier M. Cossent R. Saraiva J. Kanellopoulos K. Adrianesis P.  2011. Identification of Regulatory Issues Regarding Market Design and Network Regulation to Efficiently Integrate Electric Vehicles in Electricity Grids. 

  • Momber I. Gómez T. Rivier M. Cossent R.  2011. New actors and business models for the integration of electric vehicles. 

Vlerick cases

  • Viaene S. Momber I. Meeus L.  2017. Enedis - Smart Market Maker, Not Market Take. The Case Centre Case Study. Reference no. 317-0001-1 (C).