Luc Sels


Luc Sels is research fellow at Vlerick Business School and professor at KU Leuven in the Research Centre of Organisation Studies. He is Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics of KU Leuven. Since 2013 he serves as Advisor to the Rector for Integration at KU Leuven. He teaches courses on HRM, HR flows, and Organisation design. His primary research interests center around active ageing and (corporate) demography, individual and organisational career management, the measurement of features and content of psychological contracts, the relationship between investments in HR management and firm performance (ROI), and features of strong HRM systems. His research has been published in leading scholarly journals such as amongst others the Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management Journal, Labour Economics.

Luc Sels is actively involved in labour market policy research and policy advice. He serves on the Belgian High Council for Employment (Hoge Raad voor de Werkgelegenheid) as a representative of the Federal Minister of Employment and is director of the Policy Research Centre for Work and Social Economy (Steunpunt Werk en Sociale Economie), which advices the Flemish government on labour market policies. He is also member of the Board of Directors of the Research Institute for Work and Society (HIVA).

Below you can find a selection of publications from Luc Sels. You can consult his full CV via this link.


Job Title : Research Fellow

Management Domain
Human Resource Management

Expert in
Human Resource Management
Active Ageing and (Corporate) Demography
Measurement of Features and Content of Psychological Contracts
Relationship between Investments in HR Management and Firm Performance (ROI)
Features of Strong HRM Systems


Articles in refereed journals with impact

  • Vanacker T. Manigart S. Meuleman M. Sels L.  2011. A longitudinal study on the relationship between financial bootstrapping and new venture growth. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, 23(9/10): 681-705.

  • Roodhooft F. Maes J. Sels L.  2005. Modelling the link between management practices and financial performance. Evidence from small construction companies. Small Business Economics, 25(1)

  • Martens D. Vanhoutte C. De Winne S. Baesens B. Sels L. Mues C.  . Identifying Financially Successful Start-Up Profiles with Data Mining. Expert Systems with Applications,

Articles in other (un)refereed journals

  • De Hauw S. De Vos A. Sels L.  2014. Op zoek naar een balans tussen werk en privé. Over.Werk, (3): 10-16.

  • Bollen A. Sels L. Soens N. De Vos A.  2006. Loopbaanbegeleiding in bedrijfscontext. Over.Werk, (1-2): 169-173.

Book Chapters

  • Maes J. Van de Velde E. Clarysse B. Sels L.  2006. Het niet gerealiseerde groeipotentieel van Vlaamse ondernemingen onder de vorm van corporate spin-offs. In: Clarysse B. Eds. Durven groeien in Vlaanderen: een boek voor gevorderden (pp. 145-166). Roularta Media Group.


  • Sels L. Crijns L.  2013. Mensen maken het verschil: of hoe u meer rendement uit talent haalt. LannooCampus.

  • Dewettinck K. Sels L. Van Hootegem G. Verweire K.  2012. De Competentie Manager. Een manier van denken en werken. LannooCampus.

  • Sels L. Bollens J. Buyens D.  2000. Twintig lessen over het bedrijfsopleidingsbeleid in Vlaanderen. HIVA - K.U.Leuven.

Conference Presentations

  • De Hauw S. De Vos A. Greenhaus J. Sels L.  2015. Does Work-Home Balance Influence Employees' Career Decisions?. Paper presented at EAWOP 2015 - 17th Congress of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology, May 20-23, Oslo, Norway.

  • Vanhoutte C. Martens D. Sels L. Maes J. Baesens B.  2008. Resource configurations for top performing start-ups: an exploratory study with classification trees. Paper presented at Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, June 5-7, Chapel Hill, United States.

Conference Proceedings

  • Vanhoutte C. Martens D. De Winne S. Sels L. Baesens B.  2010. The initial resource-performance relationship in new ventures: towards a configurational approach. Queensland:

Research reports

  • Forrier A. De Vos A. Mortelmans D. Sels L.  2012. Vijftigplussers op de Belgische arbeidsmarkt: een onderzoek op micro-, meso- en macroniveau. Centre for Excellence Career Management. (189 p.)

  • Verweire K. Van Hootegem G. Dewettinck K. Sels L.  2010. Competentiemanagement: manier van denken en werken. (108 p.)

  • Bollen A. Christiaens J. De Vos A. Sels L. Soens N.  2006. Loopbaanbegeleiding in bedrijfscontext. De rol van organisatie, individu en overheid.. 

Vlerick working papers

  • Maes J. Sels L. Roodhooft F.  2004. Learning about small business profitability: the influence of management practices and owner-manager human capital . 2004/7 (38p.).