Ralf Wetzel

Modern organisations are tricky. They can be stubborn, resisting, escaping, selfish and relentlessly arrogant. Even worse, they know plenty of intelligent ways to transform the management’s decisions from the corner office into something very different at the shop floor. However, that's neither a reason for getting frustrated nor to even try it harder. Instead, that's the moment to discover the true intelligence of an organisational system, to channel and surf on its inner force. How to realise, to 'utilise' that? That's what Ralf since more than 15 years constantly is curious about. He learned that it’s not about breaking resistance but to turn it into positive energy. It’s about taking an organization serious as a system with a special autonomy and own rules. Since we need frameworks and tools which can accept and cope with this autonomy, Ralf strives for a new and more intelligent way of running organisations. His internationally collected expertise as manager and researcher in observing, channelling and surfing on pure organisational intelligence is what you can directly benefit from.

Job Title : Associate Professor for Organization & Management

Management Domain
People Management & Leadership

Teaching in
Masters in General Management

Expert in
Change Management
Organisational Dynamics
Arts & Management


Ralf Wetzel began his career as an electrician. He joined Vlerick Business School as a Professor of Organization and Management after extensive work experience in management and organization research and after being a head of a joint research and consulting group. His career path led him from Germany to the UK, via Switzerland to Belgium.

He applies art-based research like improvisation principles and theatre play in his work, especially for inquiring into topics like organization theory & behaviour, change management, consulting, leadership, organization & society. Aside of his academic writing, he loves to turn research results into art-based forms like fiction, accessible for non-academic readers.



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Articles in other (un)refereed journals

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Book Chapters

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Conference Presentations

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