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The Vlerick Healthcare Management Centre is a non-profit independent think tank advancing innovative and actionable management and policy solutions in the field of healthcare and life sciences. Its aim is to foster closer collaboration amongst public and private health system players and generate ideas that have a positive impact on society. It works with leading actors including doctors, hospitals, life science companies, health payers and regulators on finding answers to the big challenges facing the sector. For many years, we have been developing expertise in healthcare management, especially in (service) operations and process management. We continuously develop this knowledge for you in our research centre for hospitals.

You can find an anthology of some of our healthcare management insights here.

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  1. UCB

    Pharma and data as gospel

    Developing drugs is a time-consuming process. In order to speed it up, the Belgian biopharmaceuticals producer UCB has decided to switch to a data-driven organisation. It was necessary to ‘convert’ the entire company to achieve this, says CIO Herman De Prins.

  2. Innovative cancer treatments: how much are we willing to pay?

    One man in three and one woman in four will develop cancer before their 75th birthday. In Belgium, cancer is the second major cause of disease burden after cardiovascular diseases and it is unlikely this will change in the foreseeable future. Increasingly better but more expensive cancer therapies are becoming available. Needless to say, in these times of austerity, the public budget for cancer treatment is under pressure. How can we ensure all patients continue to have access to these expensive but potentially life-saving medicines at a price society can afford, while at the same time encouraging pharmaceutical companies to innovate?

  3. 3D printing: a laboratory for business model research

    What should established companies do when an innovative – and potentially disruptive – new technology appears on the scene? Vlerick Business School and Sirris collaborated to develop a framework linking technology and business models. When applied to the subject of 3D printers, their model led to a number of surprising insights.

  4. Digital strategy at Merck Sharp & Dohme

    The case takes us back to October 2009, and presents a key strategic challenge facing the senior management at Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) BeLux: crafting the organisation’s digital strategy for the marketing and sales of its human health products in Belgium and Luxembourg.

  5. The growing importance of traceability in the health care sector

    Faulty breast implant scandals, evolutions in the legal framework, counterfeit products and patient safety are all issues that have highlighted the importance of traceability in the health care sector. The Vlerick Healthcare Supply Chain Research Network analysed in which fields the various players in the supply chain can make the greatest profits thanks to a more efficient track-and-trace process. Moreover, the main drivers and obstacles were identified.

  6. The hospital pharmacy of tomorrow

    What is the core activity of a hospital pharmacy? To provide the right drugs and other pharmaceutical products to the right patient at the right time, in the right dose and in the right condition. Currently, there is a trend towards expanding the contribution of the hospital pharmacy to include services such as information provision, advice and follow-up. ‘However, the question is whether the present organisation of the hospital pharmacy can support this trend,’ says Brecht Cardoen, Assistant Professor in Service Operations Management and head of Vlerick research centre MINOZ.

  7. co-creation

    Get ready for a co-creative economy

    In an increasingly dynamic marketplace – characterised by demanding customers, increased competition, and economic downturns – companies are starting to engage their customers in innovating their services and creating value. This doctoral dissertation provides insight into the conditions under which firms and their stakeholders can benefit from value co-creation. It also provides a unifying value co-creation framework and presents the implications of this framework for business practitioners who are interested in value co-creation as a customer engagement strategy.

  8. Case study

    Big Pharma versus small biotech: analysing the financials of Pfizer and ImmunoCellular Therapeutics

    The continued consolidation in the pharmaceutical industry has baffled many individuals. Confronted with major threats like patent losses, a depressed economic environment, soaring R&D costs, low productive development pipelines, pricing pressure and generic competition, Big Pharma has struck multibillion dollar deals like the Pfizer - Wyeth acquisition in 2009. In this case, we contrast small biotech with Big Pharma.

  9. Doctors handshake

    Collaboration in the healthcare industry

    The healthcare industry is evolving. The increasing professionalisation of hospitals generates pressure throughout the entire supply chain. Producers, distributors and logistics service providers (LSPs) reconsider their position and processes in order to cope with the new market situation.

  10. Healthcare

    Cost management in the Healthcare Supply Chain

    The pressure on costs is increasing steadily, not only in the care centres, but also at the supplier side. In order to successfully launch effective cost-reducing initiatives in the healthcare sector, a profound knowledge of these cost factors and an in-depth overview of the cost structure are of paramount importance.

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