Research for Business within General Management

We Research, You Apply

Research is deeply connected to our roots. Our professors and researchers closely cooperate with the business world to directly translate new insights from research to the business environment. Collaboration between our faculty and researchers and your organisation happens in a variety of formats: a research partnership in the longer term or shorter advisory research projects. We provide answers to questions like: how to steer your people in the right direction? How to align your strategy with an ever changing business environment? How to prepare for future market needs and demands? How to deal with economic shifts?, … Our experts make the problem analysis, present the diagnosis to your management team and assist you in formulating and implementing the next steps.

A Research Partnership to Build On

If your organisation prefers a long term collaboration with Vlerick Business School, than a chair might be what you are looking for! A chair is a one-to-one relationship between a faculty member and your organisation. It offers your organisation the possibility to support research within a specific domain. This way, your company contributes directly to the growth of a specific management domain. Chairs are established for a period of 5 years. Please contact us if your organisation is interested in setting up a partnership.

Shorter Projects for Advice or Research

Our Expertise Customised to the Needs of your Company

In addition to conducting long term research that contributes to fundamental academic knowledge, our research approach also encompasses practice-based research projects on a shorter term. These projects rely upon the findings of core academic knowledge and scientific grounded models, but are directly carried out in your business environment and fully customised to your needs. This way, the practical relevance is ensured.

You would like to call on the expertise of Vlerick professors and researchers -- on an ad hoc basis -- for pressing management issues in your company? You've come to the right address. Together with you, we examine your needs and requirements and, in consultation with you, we propose a tailor-made approach. Customised research, with or without related workshops ... the possibilities are wide open. In addition, we translate the research results into concrete, ready-to-implement recommendations.

Our Students Getting to Work with your Management Problem

Are you in need of a directly applicable solution for a business problem or strategic challenge? A Vlerick in-company project offers your company the opportunity to carry out a strategic or a significant operational project that you might not normally be able to resource. For Vlerick MBA and Masters students, the project constitutes the important final stage of their studies in general, marketing or financial management. Through the project, your company can capitalise on the knowledge, skills and experience our students have acquired during their studies at our School (and prior to their Vlerick programme as well). A team of 3 Vlerick students work for several month full-time on this project. A Vlerick professor and research assistant guard the academic quality and methodology. A internal promotor of your company evaluates the added value for your organisation.

Knowledge in Action

Interested in the lessons learned of our research for your company? Find out more about our latest research articles!

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