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All invoices billed by Vlerick Business School are payable by the due date mentioned on the invoice, save if otherwise agreed upon. In case the outstanding amount is not paid by the date due, interest will be charged, according to the law, automatically, without declaration of default. In addition, the contracting party shall also pay a fixed administrative fee covering the costs caused by the late payment.
The contracting party acknowledges and agrees that this fee to be set at 10% of the total outstanding amount (exclusive of the interest) with a minimum fee of € 65. Costs incurred by unpaid bills or bouncing cheques and any other collecting charges are not included in the fixed fee and will be charged separately. Any dispute over an invoice must be notified in writing (by registered mail, fax with acknowledgement or e-mail with acknowledgement) to the secretariat of the training in question or, if not applicable, to the accounting department of Vlerick Business School within 15 working days after the receipt of the invoice.


In case the contracting party is compelled to cancel his registration, the following procedures must be adhered to:

  • Cancellations must be notified to the secretariat of the training in question in writing (by letter, fax or e-mail).
  • For cancellations more than 90 days before the start of the training, no registration fee is due.
  • For cancellations between 90 and 30 days before the start of the training, an administrative fee amounting to 25% of the registration will be charged.
  • For cancellations between 29 and 14 days before the start of the training, an administrative fee amounting to 50% of the registration will be charged.
  •  For cancellations on the thirteenth day or less than thirteen days before the start of the training, the full registration fee is due.
  • To eliminate any source of misunderstanding, the cancellation is only deemed valid after Vlerick Business School has duly notified the contracting party and stated its acceptance of the cancellation.

Vlerick Business School always offers the contracting party an opportunity to arrange for an acceptable replacement of person, insofar this person meets the criteria (if any) for participation in the activities of the School. No cancellation fee is then indebted. Non-attendance or early departure during the course of the training will not be compensated. Exceptionally, Vlerick Business School may allow the contracting party, who cannot participate in the training for 1 or more days, to participate in the next edition of this training, i.e. provided an edition with the same content will be organised and subject to the payment of a fixed administrative fee of € 150 (excluding 21% VAT) per training day rescheduled at a later date.

Vlerick Business School reserves the right to cancel the training up to 7 calendar days before the start of the training.
Registration fees already paid will then be refunded to the contracting party within 14 calendar days after notification of the cancellation.
These cancellation rules only apply to management programmes. For MBA & Masters programmes and customised programmes specific cancellation rules will be notified to the contracting party at registration or when signing the contract.


Force Majeure

Force majeure is understood to be any failure in carrying out the agreement which cannot be imputed either to Vlerick Business School or the contracting party, and which causes the affected party’s fulfilment of this agreement to be either impossible, or an unreasonable requirement. In case of force majeure neither party to the agreement will be held liable to fulfil the terms of the agreement or to pay compensation. Force majeure includes (but is not limited to): strikes, lockouts, industrial disputes, serious transport disruptions including breakdowns and fuel shortages, lack of telecommunication facilities, actions or inactions of public authorities, acts of violence or war, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, health epidemics and quarantines, etc. However, illness of the contracting party is expressly ruled out as a reason for claiming force majeure.

Complaints & Governing Law & Competent Courts

Any complaints about a management programme are treated confidentially and need to be notified in writing to Vlerick Business School at the latest within 40 calendar days after the end of the training. The School sends the contracting party within 14 calendar days after receipt of the complaint a written confirmation of receipt and ensures that the complaint is dealt with within 4 weeks after the date of the confirmation of receipt. A one-time extension of this period with maximum 4 weeks is possible. In the latter case, the contracting party shall be informed hereof in writing.
The aim is to settle complaints amicably. This also includes the possibility to bring the complaint to an independent expert for advice or mediation. If a complaint cannot be settled amicably, there is a dispute that will be submitted to the competent court.
Belgian law is exclusively applicable to these general terms and conditions and to the agreement. The parties expressly acknowledge and agree that the competent courts of Ghent have sole jurisdiction over any disputes arising from either this agreement or these terms and conditions.


Last modification: 27/01/2014

Terms and conditions Management Programmes

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