Enterprise Architecture becoming ever more important

In an increasingly digital environment Enterprise Architecture is clearly gaining importance. “EA can help organisations to translate their strategy, assess the impact of that strategy and can be a guiding help in making difficult decisions”, explains professor Bjorn Cumps. “Especially for organisations growing in size and complexity, EA can help structure the organisation in order to have a good overview of capabilities, processes, data, systems, technology and how these are all connected.”

Although companies are often not yet fully up to speed of the true potential of Enterprise Architecture, awareness is increasing. “Our ongoing research reveals it is even discussed at boardroom level, especially in organisations undergoing a strong digital transformation. EA can be an important enabler when moving towards ecosystems, open data, digital, innovation, etc. In order to be successful however, you need a good enterprise architect who has a strong conceptual insight but who is also well-grounded in business reality,” says Bjorn.

In order to raise awareness and honour outstanding projects within the field of Enterprise Architecture, Vlerick Business school’s Centre for Excellence in Enterprise Architecture and Prime Foundation Partner LoQutus are jointly launching the annual Excellence in Enterprise Architecture Award.

Wesley Bille (LoQutus) explains how this new award can contribute to valuable insights: “LoQutus is one of the pioneers in Enterprise Architecture and digital transformation. Therefore we do not only want to follow the market but we also want to be leading in defining new solutions and methodologies for the digital challenges our customers are facing. As pragmatism is always high on our agenda and apart from our broad experience in different organisations, it is important to know, how companies are facing today’s challenges and what are their lessons learned.”


Has your organisation proven to be a champion in digital transformation through Enterprise Architecture? Did you solve a complex enterprise problem through EA? Or did you achieve greater effectiveness, innovation or collaboration through the implementation of an EA project? Then submit your project before 15/03/2016 by uploading a project summary via www.vlerick.com/EA2015.

All completed submissions will be reviewed by a panel of EA practitioners and academics from UGent, KU Leuven and Vlerick Business School. The winner of the 2015 Excellence in EA Award will be offered a one-year free membership of the Centre for Excellence in Enterprise Architecture and an article in the magazine DataNews highlighting its EA achievements.