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Your generous support keeps the Vlerick flame burning. So it can ignite the passion of entrepreneurial leaders. So it can attract the best, brightest and most diverse talent from around the world. And transform them into the positive change-makers of the future.


Why give to Vlerick?

By giving back to Vlerick, you’ll provide direct support for pioneering entrepreneurship, help drive the School’s strategic projects or contribute to scholarships that will attract bright minds from around the world with the capacity to change that world for the better.

Give back with your class

Give back with your class

The Vlerick experience is life-changing. Very often, the bonds you forge here end up lasting a lifetime. 

PUB90 was the first to set up a class donation. “In the short term, we want to offer support to cover the cost of living for a promising student. In the long term, we envisage contributing to the Scholarship Fund. Vlerick has given us so much. Not just knowledge and insights but also friendship, laughter and a sense of purpose.

Do you want to reunite with your classmates and reconnect with the place that shaped who you are today? Contact us to celebrate a milestone reunion.

Make a difference to our collective future


“Social entrepreneurship can be profitable”

“At Vlerick I learned that social entrepreneurship can be a valid, profitable business model. They also showed me how to get investors to understand this.” With support from the Vlerick Entrepreneurship Fund, Clara Maspons (MIE, 2021) and her social start-up Maternia are helping to improve access for pregnant women to adequate healthcare. “It has been an unbelievable journey. Vlerick played a key role in turning the idea into a reality and supported our approach to prioritise social impact over profit.”


“For students who normally wouldn’t have the possibility to study at Vlerick”

“When I entered our family business, my father passed away. At Vlerick, I was surrounded by alumni and professors who really helped me in those early days.” Today, Michel Moortgat (PUB, 1991 – IGMO, 1998), CEO of Duvel Moortgat, wants to give back to the school. “I thought it would be wonderful if we could fund scholarships on a regular basis for students who normally wouldn’t have the possibility to study at Vlerick.”

Make a difference to our collective future


Give with impact

Every donation, big or small, makes a difference. Want to know how your donation is put to work? How much goes into each of our three strategic funds? Why do donors give back? And what leap students were able to make because of their scholarship? Find out in our special fundraising report.

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