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Welcome to our community of academics, seasoned entrepreneurs and expert business coaches. We will help you in every stage of your entrepreneurial journey, with insights and programmes that meet your specific needs. Our methods are co-creation, inspiration and giving you hands-on support in every step of your journey to growth.


Whether you are ready to embark on your entrepreneurial journey, want to consolidate your success, or anything in between, the Vlerick Entrepreneurship Academy has a programme that fits your specific needs.


Start to grow

You recently launched your business and are exploring opportunities to grow.

Let us help you prepare your business towards growth.



You are an SME owner, dealing with growing pains and you have the ambition to lift your company to the next level.

We will help by improving your management skills.



You are growing at a fast pace and have to make next-level decisions, create a structure for high growth, hire top talent and expand internationally.

We will give you the insights and best practices you need.


Sustainable growth

You want to consolidate your growth and create a platform for future success. 

Get invited to our exclusive community, where you can grow thanks to the insights, experiences and support of a peer-to-peer network of champion entrepreneurs.

We can also assist you with more specific topics, like financial management, people management, venture capital and private equity, and M&A. You can explore these on the programme finder.

What can you expect?

Put knowledge into practice

We like to put theory into practice. Our faculty members are professionally engaged in helping your business grow. They created hands-on methods and tools to help and inspire you on your journey to growth.

Join our network

Leverage the power of a peer-to-peer learning network with seasoned entrepreneurs, expert business coaches and our Entrepreneurs in Residence.

Is this for me?

The Vlerick Entrepreneurship Academy is open to starting and experienced entrepreneurs. By connecting with other entrepreneurs and experienced business coaches, you will develop the right management and networking skills to grow your business. Check our FAQs to learn if this fits your specific needs.

Many successful entrepreneurs in a broad range of sectors and sizes preceded you.


"Just before acquiring ARDIS, I attended the SME Excellence programme together with my co-CEO Veronique Clarebout. With the help of Vlerick’s expertise, we were able to draw up a business plan for the upcoming two years. We gained some fascinating insights, looking not only at the theory, but also how to apply it in practice."


“Just before taking over the company, I attended Vlerick’s SME Excellence programme together with my co-CEO Bern De Lille. After hearing some fascinating insights, we certainly had plenty to discuss on the car ride home. The course gave us a real foundation for the first two years, keeping us inspired from one day to the next. At the time, dare I say it, it was a real godsend.”

Steven Callens profile

“During the Scale-Up Masterclass, you delve into a wide range of topics. While it taught me a great deal about marketing and the customer journey, the session on sales proved particularly helpful. Together with the professors, we were able to implement a new structure for our sales department. I highly recommend the masterclass for any business looking to grow.”

Research centers

Participants - Executive Master Class in Corporate Finance

You want to influence businesses and industries with unique data and insights.

We can give you the academic support you need. You can work together with a unique network of researchers, gain knowledge and co-create research to build your reputation in the entrepreneurial community.

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Sylien Kesteleyn

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